Using ALC Press Inc.’s NetAcademy Next as the Main Resource in Lower-level University English CALL Classes in Japan: A Case Study

  • Glen Andrew Stewart Bunkyo University, Japan


In this article, the researcher reports the results of a case study. The focus was on the development of a “regular class” format (a standard lesson plan) for teachers of lower-level English learners whose English CALL courses incorporate ALC Press Inc.’s NetAcademy Next as the main resource. He draws on the relevant literature to outline what a class for lower-level English learners should aim to provide (including chunk-based reading, reading aloud, repetition, etc.), and introduces the “regular class” format and a handout to complement it. He then provides feedback from the learners. Ninety-four learners in the researcher’s Spring, 2018 CALL classes completed an end-of-course questionnaire. Results indicate that a majority of the learners: (1) were satisfied with the course (mean=4.191 (/5 = Strongly agree), mode=4.000); (2) did not find the course too difficult (2.862 (/5 = Difficult), mode=3.000); and (3) felt more motivated to study and improve their English as a result of taking the course (mean=4.021 (/5), mode=4.000).

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